Customer Testimonials

Kaz Shimada & Grant Forbes

‘Hi Rhianna,
Thanks for your great service.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Lily Guo

‘Dear Rhianna,
Thank you so much and I trust you, please just go ahead no problems.
Best regards,

Dear Lynne,
I am so lucky to have you to look after my property and I am so grateful to you. All these years I never need to worry about anything about my property .
And I am also grateful to Karen and the company to lead me into investment journey and working close towards financial freedom.
I am very fortunate to have you and your company to look after me and my properties.
The year of goat is coming wishing you and your company all the best and happiness!


Eric & Terri

‘Hi Rhianna
Many thanks for sorting out all our property problems. You have been so efficient and so pleasant no matter how difficult the problem. It has been much appreciated by both Eric and myself.
All the very best
Eric and Terri’


Sharon Lu & Patrick Ji

‘You are SO quick. Thank you so much! I am sure our new addition is now in good hands and will be well looked after. :-)’
Chris & Sarah King


Chris & Julie Barber

‘Well done.
Thank you for your hard work.


Cameron & Karen McTavish

‘Thanks for all your hard work Rhianna!
Please be sure to enjoy the holidays.


Simon Lee

‘Hi Rhianna,
That’s fantastic news! Thank you so much for all your efforts – I thoroughly appreciate your hard work.
Have a great weekend.


Client’s Names With-held for Privacy Reasons

We have been very satisfied with the proactive way in which Votiva has been managing our investment properties in the Brisbane area. We would have no hesitation in recommending Votiva’s services to other investors.


Jeremy Ouyang

For a remote property owner like myself, communication is crucial. Samantha kept me updated with the outcome of inspections and gave in depth details about applications that came through. My experience with Votiva was exceptional and I am confident that my property is being well looked after.


Tenant Testimonial

Andrea Van Laerhoven and David Dunbar

We have just moved and Samantha has been both professional and extremely helpful getting us into our new property. Our new house was ready for the day that we moved in and any issues that we had were fixed that morning to ensure that we were not inconvenienced. Votiva paperwork and lease/rental information was extremely informative and upfront (unlike some other real estate offices where it is mostly fine print) and they allowed us to pick up keys when it suited us – which was extremely appreciated during a move!