About Us

You’re information overloaded and time poor but want maximum value for your hard work and dollars.

You know what you like – or at least what you don’t like. You just need someone you trust to guide you quickly, smoothly and safely home through the confusing property jungle.

Heard the jokes about the stereotypical, fast-talking, dodgy real estate agent with the limp handshake and sleazy smile? So have we.

That’s why we set up our own agency – to offer our clients a fresh, honest and transparent alternative in buying or selling property.

Shonkiness, smarmy sales pitches, slick clichés, hard sell, false promises, and flashy cars and offices are out.

We’re putting the “real” back into real estate through honest hard work, personalised and ethical service and dogged persistence.

As property and business owners ourselves, we understand the anxiety around such a major decision.

You don’t want to be stressed, given the run-around or left dangling while your agent is in a franchise meeting interstate or a team-building retreat in the back of beyond. We won’t sell you down the river or waste your money boosting our own profile.

As a small, boutique business we pride ourselves on old-fashioned customer service, uncommon courtesy, straight talk and a firm handshake.

Need other reasons to choose us? How about:

  • no-nonsense advice with extensive market and industry knowledge to ensure you’re aware of all options
  • local experts – we’ve nurtured a wide referral network over 30 years in businesses in the Toowoomba area
  • we listen more than we talk – and take the time to understand your needs and desires in depth before we act
  • we speak in clear, simple, plain English and employ the latest technology to keep the lines of communication open 24/7 and minimise your travel time
  • you deal directly with us – the two principals are sales people

But don’t just take our word for it – read our bios, see what our clients have to say or call and check us out for yourself.